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Our classic recreational program is a great way for children to gain confidence in themselves all while having a great time.  This program aims to provide each dancer with the ability learn their chosen style(s) in a fun, engaging, relaxed environment.  


Our recreational program offers a wide variety of disciplines; from hip-hop to contemporary, we have something for every child. A child who partakes in recreational dance lessons can see an overall improvement in flexibility, stamina, strength, range of motion, and overall health. 

This program is geared towards dancers of all levels, beginner to experienced.

2024/2025 Schedule & Class Information 


  • Three’s a charm! Learn Ballet, Jazz, and Tap all in one class. This class is designed for dancers to develop a wide range of dance ability continuing to develop their rhythm, patterns, musicality, and movement. 



  • This class is a combination of fundamental dance skills and gymnastics. Dancers will combine Jazz and Acrobatics together to learn different tricks, balancing positions, tumbling, and contortion skills. There is a large emphasis on flexibility, strength, and control.  


  • Ballet is the foundation of all types of dancing. It is a great place to start if you and your dancer are unsure of what type of dance to participate in. There is a strong focus on proper and safe technique, body alignment, terminology, and both traditional and current ballet techniques. Ballet is a beautiful and challenging form of dance that develops and enhances technique, poise, grace, & strength


  • This energetic and upbeat class teaches the fundamentals of Jazz technique, focused on movement in the centre and across the floor training. Dancing to popular, age appropriate, music while learning kicks, jumps, turns, and flexibility. Dancers will be placed accordingly, by both age and individual level.


  • This class is full of energy helping to improve rhythm, musicality, footwork, & coordination. Dancers will participate in
    movement across the floor and in the centre. Placement is based off of both age and individual ability.

Hip Hop:

  • This popular form of dance is commonly seen on T.V. and in music videos.  Your dancer will learn the coolest and most popular moves in a fun and energetic class. This class is great for any age and skill set. This class helps
    your dancer to improve their personal style, fitness level, and confidence


  • This class is a combination of Ballet & Jazz, using the strength from Ballet combined with the expression of Jazz to help
    dancers learn to interpret and express feeling and tell a meaningful story through movement.

Musical Theatre:

  • Who doesn't love to sing-a-long to the music and dance?  A great combination of theatre, dance, and drama! If your child loves
    dramatic play this is the class for you. Musical theatre classes are all about telling a story through your dancing, facial expression, and body language. 

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