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Tiny Dancer Program

Dancers will be introduced to the art of dance through creative movement and music.  They will learn basic dance steps while exploring their imagination and movement together.  The class is structured to provide repetition, so the dancers can feel a sense of comfort each week, allowing them to grow musically, improve their coordination, and balance.  Most importantly it is fun, using their interests to learn movement.


  • No specific attire is required for this class. 


  • This class is available in 2 formats - with a parent and without a parent, however, we encourage them to participate on their own.              


  • Limited space available (a maximum of 5 dancers). 


Tiny Dancer 1 – with or without a parent


Length:               5 - Week Program

Start Date:          April 17 

Day:                   Mondays

Time:                  4:30 – 5:00 pm

Price:                 $60 + HST  (includes studio membership fee for this program)


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