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Our Teachers

Our incredible teaching staff of creative, educated and versatile teachers is ready to take on any class.  All of our staff teach every level and style at the studio.  

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Our Teachers:


Jesslyn Truax - owner, competitive & recreational instructor

Shannon Kemp - competitive & recreational instructor

Sara Wood - competitive & recreational instructor

Renee Smith - competitive & recreational instructor

Paige Murray - competitive instructor

Zoe Rosales - competitive & recreational instructor

Alix Smith - competitive & recreational instructor

Ashlyn Truax - competitive instructor

Office Staff


Our friendly office staff is always here to help!  Whether its answering any questions you may have, sending out information, or ensuring your dancers have their coats on, ready to leave, they are always willing to go the extra mile for our dance families.

Erin Watson

Ashlyn Truax

Class Assitants

We are very proud of our Class Assistant program.  Offered to our dancers grade 7 and above, these dancers learn effective communication tools, leadership skills, and responsibility that will help them both in the dance studio and in all other areas of their life.

These Class Assistants are exceptional role models, helping each of our younger dancers excel in class, on stage and reach their goals.  This program sets up these dancers to become wonderful teachers!

These Class Assistants are doing just that and more!

Kadyn, Jasmin, Pia, Jennifer, Natalie, Amelia, Morgan, Maya, Caitlin, Sarah, Flynn, Charlotte, Miller, Chloe, Ella

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