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Sharron, Alumni Parent

The studio changed my daughters life.  The studio asks that people park any negative talk at the door because the team is meant to support one another, including parents.  This positive environment instilled confidence in my daughter, she has made great friends, she stayed out of trouble, and it taught her that working hard at something you love pays off.  She recently graduated from University with a BSc in Kinesiology, was on the Varsity Competitive Dance Team, and continues to teach dance to this very day.   Take 5 will always be apart of our lives.


Natalie, Competitive Dancer

Love it here!  This is my home studio and I've never even thought about going to another.  Everyone is so nice and welcoming.  The teachers always give us the best choreography they can think of.  Yes the teachers push us hard, but I like the challenge and our hard work always pays off.  They'll never give us something too hard and they make sure every piece of choreography is in age appropriate.  The staff here is also super comforting and I never feel as if there's nobody I can talk to.  I love this studio!


Val, Current Parent

We have 2 daughters that dance at this studio and they absolutely LOVE it!  They not only love their teachers and the staff, but they also love the kids there.  It's such a family-friendly and positive environment and as parents, we couldn't be happier with the teachers and staff.  Our girls will continue to dance at Take 5 as long as they love to dance!

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